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October 10, 2008

Being right doesn't count for much if you can't persuade anyone of that fact.

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Agree. A good design is nothing if you don't present it to PM in a right way.

Posted by: asun | Oct 24, 2008 7:18:12 AM

Ah yes, and conversely being wrong doesn't matter if you're able to convince everyone how right you are.

Posted by: Carter Garrett | Oct 27, 2008 9:16:02 AM

People have different reasons for being right, or making others wrong, that may or may not have to do with supporting collaboration.

Disclosure and, or, discovery of the underlying motive/s is the key to authenticity, which is desirable, if downright not necessary, for collaborative actions.

Posted by: | Nov 1, 2008 1:43:53 PM

Love this quote!

Posted by: Hammed Kohistani | Feb 8, 2009 6:35:16 PM

or even:
c'est avoir tort que d'avoir raison trop tôt.

(being right too soon is as good as being wrong)

Posted by: shaun | Apr 16, 2009 12:08:21 PM

This reminds me, "If you wish to convince people of something, it is more useful to be entertaining than to be right"

Posted by: Abhay Rautela | Nov 12, 2009 5:47:27 AM

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