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January 10, 2008

What if what you experience in the afterlife is what others will for you?

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...then it would follow that there is no freedom, only durress, and there is no justice, only popularity, and there is no reciprocation because, if true, the Law of Karma is broken. "Life is cruel. Why should the afterlife be any different."

Posted by: Silentious | Jan 13, 2008 9:30:52 AM

If it's ~will~, like in the Nietzchean/Crowleyan WILL, the promptings of one's true inner being, then one would hope to 1) know exceptional people and 2) engender the best possible intent and memories from from and about them.

I'm dooooooomed :(

Posted by: Scott McD | Jan 15, 2008 7:35:48 AM

that means that you should listen to others more...!

Posted by: mela | Jan 22, 2008 1:25:49 PM

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