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February 27, 2006

KFC's new commercial with hidden content that can only been seen in slow motion raises a question. DVR users aren't usually watching commercials really slow -- they're watching them really fast. Is the commercial distinctive enough when zipping by at triple speed to make the viewer want to stop and watch it in the first place? (Never mind slowing it down.)

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Seems to me that without the associated PR blitz telling people that there are going to be messages "especially for them" in these commercials, then, yes, you're right.

But now every PVR user in the country is going to be watching all the KFC commercials frame by frame, and KFC gets all this free publicity.

Probably not something that'll work twice, but interesting this time, and with a large collateral positive influence on other commercials that might appear around the slots that KFC buys.

Heck, if the commercials when watched in real-time are no more effective than any of KFC's other commercials, then KFC has already won because of all of this free press and weblog linkage.

Posted by: Dan Lyke | Mar 1, 2006 11:09:02 AM

The frustrating thing is that the link on this site leads to a link on another site (rebecca blood) that leads to a link on another site (CNN), and I still didn't see the furshlugginer commercial. I (and you) can see it on, and scroll through it to try to crack the magic code. Jeez, that's just too much work and too many hoops just to get a piece of dead bird on bread. But, we all remember what PT Barnum said.

Posted by: Frank Siraguso | Mar 3, 2006 1:32:38 PM

That is preety wild stuff I want to buy a Tivo just for the rewind feature and slow play feature.

Posted by: Britney | Mar 10, 2006 12:34:26 PM

This is a perfect example of the potential power of viral marketing. The same kind of thing happened with a while back.

I think it's actually a good idea. There's such an information and advertising overload going on with TV, people sometimes need a hook. Playing off of people's curiousity is almost always effective. The big question is does it actually make people want to eat more KFC.

Posted by: Ian Muir | Mar 20, 2006 8:16:05 AM

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