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December 05, 2005

You may not like the way Bill Gates made his money, but it's hard to disapprove of how he's spending it -- he's put up $450 million to fund 43 projects to develop innovative approaches to feeding, immunizing, and preventing disease in the poorest people in the world. Some of the winning ideas (all of which may be patented, but must be made available cheaply in poor countries) include making the lifespan of female mosquitoes just shorter than the incubation period of a deadly virus they transmit; engineering a tuber packed with nutrients that can thrive in African soil; and applying Sea-Monkey technology to preserve vaccines for transport in dried form.

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Wait, 43 Projects? Does Merlin know about this???!?!

Posted by: Anil | Dec 6, 2005 2:24:49 PM

I've never disliked Bill, or his money. Well... it did bother me a bit when he gave a ton of money to CMU, and they pretty much abandoned Macintosh just when it got interesting... but that has little to do with me. Its Microsoft that everyone hates. I've taken notice more than once of his charitable contributions. How could anyone have that much money and not do what he's doing?

Anyway, I like him, honestly I do... but he's just too damn rich. He's worth, what, like $46 billion? If I were him, I'd worry about getting mugged... by Wyoming... split evenly, it'd be nearly 100K a peace for every man, woman and child there...

Posted by: catmistake | Dec 7, 2005 2:52:22 PM

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