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September 08, 2005

Two thirtysomething guys try to survive on Xbox Live, with amusing (if perhaps predictable) results.

This quote neatly summarizes my own experience: "I'm right at the fulcrum point of gaming popularity. Almost everyone five years older than me doesn't really "get" video games and has little interest in playing them. Almost everyone five years younger than me can't imagine life without an Xbox (or PS2 or whatever). As for me, I completely understand the appeal of these games -- it's just that I suck at them and I'll never get any better."

I guess I'd place myself just to the gaming side of that fulcrum; I've been gaming more or less continually for... holy crap, 25 years!... but gaming wasn't the cultural force for us Atari kids that it became with the rise of Nintendo, and I'd say I fall squarely into the "sucky and not improving" camp when it comes to modern games.

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As with all things, the old guys just got to get sneakier. I might not be be able to beat the reflexes of the average 9-12 year old but I can usually out-think them tactically. The more squad/team - based games help with this a lot.

Posted by: Jason Yip | Sep 8, 2005 8:25:21 PM

This is what I tell myself when I try playing Quake III or Unreal Tourny online anymore ... I have to just swallow my pride and enjoy the few playable minutes I have between deaths.

I haven't even bothered putting my PS2 on the 'Net yet ...

Posted by: Andrew Hinton | Sep 9, 2005 7:45:04 AM

If we'd had the internet in a cheap form, us Atari kids would've no doubt hacked M.U.L.E. into a MUD-like form (M.U.D.D.L.E., perhaps?). The problem was always getting four players in the same room at the same time - and then getting enough spare joysticks to replace those that were invariably broken during the bidding phase ...

Posted by: daen | Nov 3, 2005 7:05:12 AM

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