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August 08, 2005

Why are so many flights delayed? The New York Times has a slightly different answer from the one recently offered in Slate, but the upshot is the same: airlines just aren't that interested in the problems of their customers.

<=> | August 8, 2005


Well yeah... but everyone loves cheap airline tickets isn't it? Otherwise, carriers like Ted and Song wouldn't even exist. When rock-bottom prices become the main competition factor, corners must be cut somewhere... and the results often aren't pretty. But everyone still wants cheap airline tickets....

Posted by: beto | Aug 8, 2005 6:49:10 PM

I agree I fly alot and 95% of the time I am delayed by either flights not landing on time or by long lines. With all the money the Government is giving these compaines you would think they would fix these issues.

Posted by: Jessica | Aug 11, 2005 8:51:40 AM

No airline cares about their customers. Its basically like any other company out there: they SAY they care but they don't. They all stink.

Personally, I drive. I haven't flown since 1991 and will never fly again. I don't miss it one bit. I love the enjoyment of the road, the scenery, the ability to stop whenever I feel like it and take care of whatever, the ability to re-route myself around traffic at my own discretion, the ability to stop driving when weather gets bad... basically the complete autonomy of driving can never be replaced by jumping in a tin-tube and being shot across the country and HOPE that you arrive there safely, that your luggage gets there and that there are no disasters of any sort.

Its not to say that there aren't any troubles or disasters with driving - and don't even think of getting into the statistics because its an illogical argument about flying and how many people can they move by luck. Bottom line: driving has far too many benefits to even consider driving. There is nothing is this life that is worth applying any sort of instant gratification toward. I own a business, a very successful one at that. I tell my clients that I will get there when I get there and if its too late for them, then I just use the phone.

When businesses realize that they need to slow down and stop this "we need it last week" attitude, then you'll see airlines go out of business. Those are the people helping keep those airlines afloat - the ones who book their employees from NY to LA at 8am ET so they can be at a 1pm PT meeting and then back at work in NY the next day! Thats ludicrous and its all helping to destroy people. You want me in LA? I'll be there in 4 days - by CAR! :-)

Posted by: Mike | Aug 12, 2005 8:09:05 AM

I think Scorcese did a good job with Aviator. Then again, how many blockbusters totally suck? How many of Scorcese's films suck? Although Cate Banchett's portrayal of Katherine Hepburn is a little characaturish, just how does one go about portraying such a massive talent as Hepburn? (When I first saw her in Trojan Women, I wanted to head to Lala land and become an actor's actor.)

My favorite part is when Hughes is before the Senate committee. Just when you're thinking "this guy is totally screwed," he turns it completely on its head! Reminded me of Matthew 10:19.

By the way, its Ajax, not AJAX... that's been driving me crazy... just who decided to capitalize the whole word? We need to discover this idiot and flame him into oblivion.

Posted by: chair_tard | Aug 12, 2005 7:13:22 PM

Right on tard you crazy thing you. People like you scare me.

Posted by: Ashley Bowers | Nov 23, 2005 9:27:12 PM

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