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January 11, 2005

Perhaps the most interesting thing about today's Macworld announcements is what wasn't announced -- namely, new PowerBooks. PowerBook revisions usually happen every five to six months; we're at nine months and counting on the current crop. Speculation had been that we'd get one last speedbump to the current models today in preparation for G5 models in about six months.

But with no update today, we're left with a few possibilities: speedbumped models in the very near future (possible, if Apple decided this underwhelming new offering would just distract from the big announcements they wanted to focus on today -- see also last week's Xserve speedbump); current models languish in the marketplace for a year or longer (unlikely, but not totally without precedent); or G5s sooner than anyone predicted (also unlikely, given the well-known engineering difficulties inherent in managing the G5's heat and power consumption in a portable).

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I am hoping that it the distraction from the really cool stuff. I am ready to buy a new Powerbook as my TiBook is now 3 years old and I am due. I was really hoping for a new Powerbook available today so I would have it for my trip to San Francisco next week. Bummer.

When I looked at the Powerbooks two or three days ago I though there were more options. Today after the Store was relaunched there were fewer options.

Posted by: vanderwal | Jan 11, 2005 7:58:13 PM

The configurations look the same to me. The customization page does seem to have fewer options, but I think that's because they used to try to upsell you a bunch of stuff there ("Want an AirPort with that? How about a copy of Keynote?").

Posted by: jjg | Jan 11, 2005 8:57:15 PM

Well I definitely hope it is so -- I really wanted to see new G5 Powerbooks since I need to sell my current iMac and have the need to go portable. Not that the latest offerings are really short of spectacular -- but the question on whether Apple is releasing new portables is still floating in the air. Bummer indeed.

Posted by: beto | Jan 12, 2005 10:47:37 AM

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