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December 10, 2004

I noticed today that the banner outside 350 Townsend is now tattered and torn. Seems kind of apt somehow -- not in the sense of things being broken down, but rather in the sense of things changing as time marches on.

<=> | December 10, 2004


Pyra address?

Posted by: jkottke | Dec 10, 2004 1:51:39 PM



Posted by: Matt Haughey | Dec 10, 2004 2:12:08 PM

I was going to try to get a photo, but today the banner is gone completely.

Posted by: jjg | Dec 13, 2004 12:19:10 PM

Perhaps Ev bought it to have it framed and hung at home? That's what I would do if I was a gazillionaire.

I could mount in my foyer and look at it anytime and say "remember sleeping on the floor of the brick-walled office and watching a 5" black and white TV on a stool while the servers died and your inbox filled with complaints?" Then I would casually load up some toast points with the ample caviar available, point casually to one of my house boys and proclaim to no one in particular "have him bathed and brought to me" and it would be done.

Posted by: Matt Haughey | Dec 14, 2004 9:54:21 AM

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