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November 24, 2004

The "border skirmishes" between information architecture and Design have been going on for years, with Designers arguing that this newfangled IA stuff is just a fancy term for what they learned in Design school. Now we have the argument that programmers are information architects as well.

In my observation, information architecture is introduced into an organization to fill an existing void. If the Designers and programmers had really been addressing these issues all along, such a void never would have existed.

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In my experience, it's not so binary as that. As a for instance, the operating group under which my current employer operates, there is a full time info-architect person. He doesn't involve himself too proactively in our specific Web property. In practice, the information architecture chores are a collaborative effort between my group (technology/applications) and the content/creative (design) group. While doing this sort of work by commitee is rarely a good idea, I think the perfect set of skills exists between the two groups to get things done properly. Could we benefit more from a information architect spending a month working on our site? Definitely, but since the content and applications are constantly evolving, as is the business strategy, that person would have to be a member of both site teams and the business team in order to get the full perspective, and with the amount of meetings that would entail, I don't know how they would ever architect anything:-)

Posted by: Robert | Nov 24, 2004 4:17:57 PM

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