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June 09, 2004

New Power Macs today, two weeks earlier than expected. Will there be any announcements at WWDC?


  • In lieu of 3 GHz chips, which turned out to be harder to make than expected, Power Macs get dual processors across the board.

  • Apple explicitly warns customers not to expect G5 PowerBooks or iMacs anytime soon due to the cooling issues involved.

  • The top-of-the-line Power Mac gets liquid cooling. It's unclear whether this replaces or supplements one or more of the nine fans in the box. I'd guess the latter.

  • Given the above, liquid cooling seems to be the only hope for G5 PowerBooks. Higher weight and shorter battery life seem like inevitable consequences. Hooray!

  • Today marks the real end of the long slow death of the classic Mac OS, as the last model that could boot into OS 9, the Power MAC G4, has finally been discontinued. I suppose an argument could be made that the classic OS won't be dead until the Classic environment is discontinued, but this is close enough for me.

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