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June 11, 2004

Modest Mouse, Good News For People Who Love Bad News

In case you couldn't tell from previous record titles like The Lonesome Crowded West, The Fruit That Ate Itself, and Building Nothing Out Of Something, Modest Mouse main man Isaac Brock has a thing for paradox.

When I first heard The Lonesome Crowded West in 1998, I'd have guessed that this band's bag of tricks was just about exhausted. Then came the dark, sprawling textures of The Moon & Antarctica, which I think surprised just about everybody in revealing the band's hitherto unsuspected hidden depths. Again, I thought they'd gone just about as far as they could.

And again, I was wrong. Good News For People Who Love Bad News fuses the undeniable songcraft and rich production of The Moon & Antarctica with the more upbeat mood and uptempo mode of the earlier records. I still miss all the songs about driving though.

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