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July 28, 2003

Other Nine Pillarses

And here I thought I was being all clever and original.

The Nine Pillars of Nosgoth: Mind, Dimension, Conflict, Nature, Energy, Time, States, Death, and Balance. This comes from an RPG called Legacy of Kain.

The Nine Pillars of Conservatism: Nationhood, Democracy, Liberty, The Rule of Law, Property, Tradition, Family, The Free Market, and Morality.

The Nine Pillars of Effective Ministry: Planning/Leadership Training, Evangelism/Assimilation, Worship, Stewardship, Christian Education, Small Group Life/Specialized Ministries, Youth Ministry, Missions, Facilities.

The Nine Pillars of Character: Citizenship, Honesty, Attitude of Gratitude, Responsibility, Always be Fair, Caring, Trustworthiness, Example, and Respect.

The Nine Pillars of Judgment: Apparently an architectural characteristic of the Tabernacle of Moses as described in the Bible.

The Nine Pillars for Creating a New Paradigm: A spiritual proposition, the precise nature of which remains unclear to me.

The Nine Pillars of Aikido: It's worth noting that opinions on the number of pillars Aikido has seem to vary widely -- I found other references to two, three, four, five, six, eight, and eleven pillars of Aikido. Six seems to be the most popular.

The Nine Pillars of Happiness: A science-fiction novel based on the Enneagram.

The Nine Pillars of Odinism: Odinism is the modern practice of the historical Norse religion. It has not one but two sets of nine pillars, the second being The Nine Pillars of Tradition.

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