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June 30, 2003

The Sky Is Falling

Last week, The New York Times gave Liz Phair's new record a very, very bad review.

In response, Liz Phair wrote The New York Times a very, very weird letter.

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I've spent much of my free time today tracking two remarkable Internet phenomena: the buzz of activity on the Echo wiki and the fundraising drive at Howard Dean's Blog For America. Remember that brave new world we were promised? It seems to be arriving.

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Hamidi's War

For years, Intel has been battling former employee Ken Hamidi in the courts over his broadcast e-mails to Intel employees regarding the company's practices. Intel has been arguing that Hamidi's e-mails constituted trespassing, since they were delivered via Intel's privately owned network infrastructure.

Today, the Calfornia Supreme Court ruled against Intel, saying that barring Hamidi's communications amounted to an abridgement of his First Amendment rights. The court noted, however, that the ruling could not be used as precedent for all forms of unsolicited e-mail.

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June 15, 2003

hello world

first post!

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